Tourist informations

All emergency or information numbers necessary for your stay in Sorrento.

Dial 112 to access the Carabinieri police headquarters

Polizia di Stato
This is the national helpline for all emergencies, to report robberies, thefts or assaults, accidents and also health emergencies

Vigili del fuoco
In the event of fire, smoke or gas leaks, you can also make a direct call to the Fire Brigade, which is present all over Italy and also provides rapid response in the event of earthquakes or other disasters.

Emergenza Sanitaria
If you call this number from anywhere in Italy (including the islands), you can contact the healthcare and ambulance network for transport to the nearest hospital or health facility. A helicopter ambulance service is also available to get to more remote or inaccessible locations.

Emergenza Ambientale
This is the number to dial for the State Forestry Corps environmental emergencies.

Dial 1518 to have all traffic informations.
Call center 24 hrs service –

Emergenza Stradale
This is the number to dial for roadside assistance, if your engine breaks down or in the event of another problem with your car that prevents you from travelling. When you dial this number, a distress call will be routed to the nearest ACI (the Italian Automobile Association) office, who will send out mechanics to repair or if necessary tow your car. The service is available 24 hours a day, but it is not free of charge, although ACI members are entitled to large discounts.